Current Date:

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Khartoum Bids Indonesian Ambassador Farewell in Outstanding Ceremony

Khartoum -- Sudan Popular Friendship Council and the Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum have held a joint ceremony

to honor the outgoing Indonesian Ambassador to Sudan.
The honoring ceremony was attended by members of Sudanese-Indonesian Friendship Council, key officials, ministers, media representatives and other national figures.
 Participants in the event included Balimbo folk musical band, which performed to entertain the audience in addition to presentation of Indonesian traditional music and dance by the members of the embassy in Khartoum.
In his speech, the minister for tourism Mohamed Abu-Ziad Mustafa described the outgoing Indonesian Ambassador as an active and successful diplomat and a better representation of his country throughout his term and mission in Sudan.
He pointed to projects the ambassador initiated and being pursued by the embassy in Sudan.
The Minister noted that the Sudanese-Indonesian Friendship Council will forge partnership in the field of tourism in Sudan, thanking the family of Mr. Ahmed Sokarti, who he said was the first to sow the seeds of Islam in Indonesia.
The outgoing Ambassador said that he enjoyed remarkable relations with Sudanese government, people and various sectors of the community including doctors and businesspersons. He revealed that the Indonesian President will visit to Sudan soon.
The ambassador congratulated the Sudanese people for the lifting of the US sanctions on Sudan, promising to work for enhancing established and deeply rooted relations between Sudan and Indonesia no matter where he is dispatched.
The Secretary General of Sudanese Employers Association Bakri Yousif in his remarks at the ceremony predicted better economic relations with Indonesia, especially after the removal of the US economic embargo against Sudan. 
Yousif said the Association by bidding the outgoing Ambassador farewell will miss a good brother who help established strong bond between the embassy and the private sector in aid of boosting economic ties between the two countries.