Current Date:

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Finance Minister Denies Floating Sudanese Pound

Khartoum -   Minister of Finance and Economic Planning General Mohamed Osman Al Rikabi has denied as untrue news reports carried by social media recently that the

Ministry of Finance has taken decisions that include the floating of the Sudanese pound against the Dollar noting that these are sheer rumors.
In his response to the urgent question on bread crises raised by mp Mubarak Al Nour, the Minister denied the existence of bread crisis highlighting the smooth flow of flour to the states and its distribution in a regular manner in conformity with the volume of each state’s consumption.
He attributed bread crisis in some of the states to the leakage of bread in some states and using it for other purposes in addition to the problem of smuggling flour to the neighborhood countries in the peripheral states in particular adding that figuring out solutions to these problems is assigned to the states and security agencies.
Al Rikabi further affirmed that the state bear vast sums of money for providing flour as it is a strategic commodity related to citizens livelihood noting that the Ministry of Finance subsidize flour by a sum of 355 Sudanese pound per one sack of flour and the imported flour is subsidized by 111 Sudanese pounds per a sack.